Organic production

The philosophy of the farm owner - a healthy life style! And, perhaps, the most important component of a healthy life is a healthy diet of natural and organic products.

What organic product is?

Today there is much talk about organic products, but not everyone knows what it is.

Organic products – food that is produced by organic farming. The raw materials that are used to produce organic food are grown in environmental conditions, because of the restriction of using the chemical origin in soil within 3 years. Then the raw materials arrive at the manufacturing where it is prohibited to use dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavoring agents and other chemical additives. Moreover, all production processes are controlling by the certification body.

Why is it important to talk about?

This is important to speak today about it. After all, almost every product that we consume, was grown in poison soil with using of the pesticides, and then was chemically treated to be "long-term" in the stores .

Chemical additives today everywhere, even where they are not expected to be. Almost every product for which we come to the grocery store, contains chemicals that are harmful for us and for our children. These chemicals take place in vegetables, fruits, cereals, eggs, in milk, meat, confectionery products and the worst - even baby food. They bribe us taste, aroma and appearance, but take away our health and make an attempt on the life of our children.

So the only way out of this situation – is to abandon the familiar brands and products, and jump to the side of a healthy diet, which is possible only with the products of organic production.

How organic products differ from the traditional ones?

Organic products are the same products that we use while cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, but they are totally devoid of chemicals, dyes, fragrances and other harmful elements.

Also, unlike conventional organic products, organic food does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), GM foods and their derivatives;

ü  does not contains chemically synthesized preservatives, colors, flavors, stabilizers and thickeners ;

ü  produced without the using of harmful technologies (ultrasonic machining, chemical preservation, processing phenols and PAHs, nuclear decoupling, radiation treatment, gassing);

ü  does not include raw materials of agricultural origin, that were grown with pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other agricultural chemistry, hormones and growth factors;

ü  does not include raw materials that were grown near industrial centers.