Apple – it is a fruit that is considered the best and useful in many nations, and it is hard to find a country which would not grow apples. The taste of apples depends on the variety of apples, growing conditions , care, harvesting, storage and other factors. In general, apples get its taste from the organic acids, sugars and tannins, and the flavor of different varieties of apples varies depending on the content of essential oils.

Apples are rich with vitamin C and many other vitamins: E, H (vitamins beauty) , PP, B vitamins and also macro - calcium, magnesium, sodium , potassium, phosphorus , chlorine, sulfur, trace elements - iron, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, chromium, fluoride, molybdenum, boron, vanadium, aluminum, cobalt,rubidium, nickel.



 Autumn variety. The fruits are larger than average (150-190 g), one-dimensional medium, greenish-yellow fruit. The skin is thin, medium bodied, smooth, shiny. White flesh, some years pink-white fine-grained, medium density, juicy, excellent sweet-sour taste. Removable and consumer maturity reached in early September. Fruit stored in a refrigerator 1,5-2,5 month.


   Autumn variety. The fruit is medium in size, elongated shape, with pronounced edges, almost completely burgundy, juicy, sweet-sour taste. The flesh is creamy white, medium density. Weight 130-150h fruit. Maturity comes in mid-September. Consumption period - removal of the end of October. Stored in the refrigerator until mid-February.


skif-zoloto"Scythian Gold"

Winter variety. The fruits are large, weighing 175-190h., Golden yellow with a strong flush. Flesh is creamy, dense, juicy, flavorful, excellent sweet-sour taste. The main purpose - fresh consumption and for the preparation of high-quality light juices. Maturity comes in late September. Consumption period - removal of the end of January - mid-February.



Winter late variety. The fruit weight 140-180h., Flattened-conical, slightly asymmetric, with dark red blush over the entire surface. The flesh is pale yellow and creamy, dense, juicy, fragrant, harmonious sweet-sour taste. The main purpose - for fresh consumption and for production of branded juices. Ripen in late September. Period consumption occurs in January, stored in the refrigerator until May.


Winter grade. The fruit is medium-sized, round-conical, ribbed at the calyx, greenish yellow covered with the characteristic large grey spots. Weight 140-150h fruit. The flesh is greenish-cream, sour-sweet, quite good. Ripen in the first half of October. Consume fruits since January. Stored till March.




Winter grade. 160-220 g fruits are large and well ribbed. Peel of medium thickness, shiny, smooth, has a greenish color with blurred purple tint. Pulp is medium density, very juicy, harmoniou

s wine-sweet taste, fragrant. The main purpose - for fresh consumption in the winter. Ripen in early September. Consumption period begins in January. Stored in the refrigerator up to 7 months.


Winter grade. The fruit is conical, yellow-orange, very attractive. Consumption period from late November to May. The fruits weighing 170-220 g, peel thin, dense, smooth and shiny. Yellow pulp is very dense, with a pleasant aroma, excellent sour-sweet taste. Stored in a refrigerator up to 8 months.