Manufactured according to TU 10.3-32785910-001: 2012.

Why do our juice are the best?

- 100% natural, direct pressing, unlighted, without any impurities;

-with a unique technology of low-temperature pasteurization it is saved all the healing properties of the product;

- We use only own raw materials grown by organic technologies and checked for quality;

- The best combination of apple juice with other juices were chosen:

apple and carrot, apple and pumpkin, apple and beetroot, apple and blackcurrant, birch with apple, tomato;

-It is sweet because we make it from dessert varieties of apples, sweet varieties of carrots and pumpkins;

-After opening the package the product can be stored at least one month, as the juice is in a vacuum packaging "Bag-in-box", with capacity of 3 liters. This is the only packaging that can store fresh juice after opening so long.

Vacuum bag is packed in convenient cartons, which have all the necessary information;

That is why our products are especially recommended for children, pregnant women, people on a diet, and all who have a healthy and active lifestyle.

Elixir of youth in a glass of juice in your daily menu.

Drink our juices and be healthy!


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